Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes...on design process

I often get asked what my design process is like.  Well, here it is:

Sometimes my process is messy.  Sometimes it's very tidy and Martha Stewart-like.  And sometimes we just get in a big fight and I have to put it away for the night.  When I was in art school, my painting instructors would always advise walking away for a while.  The overnight time gives you perspective.  And then the next time the two of you meet, you will more than likely see things very differently.  I believe that.  I think that sometimes what is going on in your head with just the everyday stress can result in garment disaster.  So yeah.  All that.

Sometimes I will literally stare at the project after I've just ripped half of it out and wait for it to speak to me.  No really - I want it to speak to me.  It would more than likely just say "um..that hurt." 

Sometimes I have a clear driven idea in mind and we will walk hand in hand until the job is done.  That simple.

And sometimes I have no idea what to do and I hold the ball of yarn, staring, hoping for some sort of magical transfer from the fiber to my nerve endings.  That, for the record, has yet to happen.

But I would be nothing without my urge to explore, and my need to create from fiber that comes from animals.  Design missteps, stitch disasters, gauge imperfection aside, I hope I never lose the desire.

Happy knitting.....

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