Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No More Facebook

I have just deleted my Facebook account.  And it couldn't have felt better.  It was a long time coming, I think.  I was just one of those people that never could get behind it and never could commit to curating my past for someone like Mark what's-his-name.  I'd rather spend my time on my creative life and communicating the old-fashioned way.

So speaking of creation, these are my latest designs from Tahki Stacy Charles' FW 2012 Anthology collection:

Hemingway Cardigan

The yarn is new, called Juno.  It's really cool, actually.  It has a really fine springy caging around it, so it is really bouncy when knitted up. 

This is a new poncho design, made with Big Montana.  I love using that yarn, it's so bulky but so lightweight at the same time.

Hawthorne Hooded Poncho

In other news, 2 of my Seams Like Surgery classes have sold out for Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago, so if you're wanting to sign up, you'd better hurry!!  It'll be nice to be in Chicago again; I haven't been since I lived in Indianapolis.  The commute to Chicago is pretty short from Indy, so I would go as often as I could.

Happy Knitting....


  1. I dig the brown one. What's it called?

    1. The brown one is the Hawthorne Hooded Poncho

  2. Loving the gray jacket/cardigan.

  3. BTW - dumped Twitter and Pinterest. What colossal time wasters. Besides, Twitter is for illiterates. Haven't parted with Facebook because it's a tether to geographically far distant family members who insist on using it as main communication mode. Arrrrgh.

    I support anyone who unplugs from these electronic street drugs.

  4. That poncho is AMAZING...I really, really love it.